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The World’s Most Advanced & Futuristically Designed Language Lab Software

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iTell Digital Language Lab

iTell Digital Language Lab has empowered better management of language classes and can utilize the unlimited opportunities to enhance the language instruction offered by the system. Teachers and students are more motivated and the learning experience is richer. This language learning software helps in engaging the students and teachers with manifold possibilities for individualization and interactivity while remotely managing their progress.The predefined workflows and functionalities of iTell- digital language laboratory helps to increase the time students spend actively in learning and to improve their overall performance, motivation and results.

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Language Lab on Windows and Linux/Ubuntu platforms

english language lab iTell Language Lab Software launched its first version in Windows platform ​a​ decade ​back ​​and ​work​s flawlessly with 4000+ clients in more than 40 countries. iTell Digital Language Lab is one of the top Language Laboratories in the world excelling in terms of the number of installations and number of users. Recently, numerous government educational institutions in India and abroad have made Linux / Ubuntu platform mandatory to install the software. Orell has developed the Linux / Ubuntu version of iTell Digital Language Lab system to equal their emergent needs. ​Orell has​ ​ lucratively​ installed Linux Language Lab in many institutions in India and abroad and now its working perfectly in all places.
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Thin-Clinet / N-Computing version of Language Lab

Many educational institutions ​both in ​India and abroad ​are now opting for Thin-client or N-computing devices in computer labs and language labs instead of providing individual CPUs for each student. Thin client runs an operating system locally and bear flash memory rather than a hard disk and as it has no hard drive or local storage, all applications and data are stored on a centralized server. This is a cost effective system compared to networked computers with most resources installed locally. Orell has successfully developed its Thin-client / N-computing version of Digital Language Lab and installed in many schools and colleges across the globe and proved to be exceedingly cost effective.
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Language Lab on Mobile & Tab (Android / iOS)

iTell, the most sophisticated language lab software in the wor​ld is now available to students and teachers on all devices. iTell Language Laboratory is now accessible on Android and iOS version so as to work on tablets, the new trend in education. Orell has also set new landmarks by developing the mobile app version of the language lab too. It can now be downloaded and used on android mobiles and iPhones. This will extensively facilitate the parents to access the language lab system and thereby take the performance and activity reports of the students. Teachers can also assign lessons to the students and monitor their
activities from their mobile without using a desktop or laptop.
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What Our Clients Say

Orell believes in ensuring total customer satisfaction at all times.

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“The Humanities and Management Unit, School of Engineering, Kathmandu University, Nepal, has recently installed Oréll Digital Language Lab (ODLL) software (1+31 consoles). The premium ODLL package is a trusted platform for enhancing communication skills of tertiary level students studying different programs of Science, Engineering and Management. ”

Hem Raj Kafle

Coordinator, Humanities and Management Unit, School of Engineering KATHMANDU UNIVERSITY

digital language lab

"We Indian School Al Ain, UAE hereby certify that, we are using ODLL Software programme for our Digital Language Lab supplied by M/S Oréll's Technosystems (India) Private Limited. The programme is user friendly as it enables the students to listen, record and compare their voices with that of the speaker's. It is interactive as it helps the students to rectify their erratic pronunciations. "

Dr.Mohd lqbal Ahmed

Director (Admin) INDIAN SCHOOL - AL AIN

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